Visual Identity for a range of premium home exercise equipment

The demand for home exercise equipment is a rapidly growing market with the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the requirement and need for home-based equipment. With over 50% of UK consumers purchasing workout products since 2020 and over 75% of them stating they will continue to work out at home, the home exercise equipment market is rapidly growing.

Leisure Athletic is a premium home exercise company that manufactures high-quality equipment that is design-focused, durable and long-lasting.

They required a brand that positioned them in the premium exercise equipment market and elevated them to a reputable and respected brand.

Brand Marque and icon

The Leisure Athletic brand mark is the graphic combination of the letters ‘L’ and ‘A’ to create a mark bold enough to use on its own or with its logotype.

The Visual Identity

Leisure Athletic had two core ranges – the Active range and the Recover range. Each range has a core group of products which we differentiated with a distinctive colour that works with the core brand colour.

A dark midnight black sits alongside a complementary colour palette of a vibrant, energetic purple for ‘Active’ and a calming and trustworthy blue for ‘Recover’

We created a distinctive typographic style by mixing the contemporary serif typeface, Cambon with the sharp sans-serif Neue Alte Grotesk. The mixture of typefaces allows a flexible system that gives the brand personality and a tone of voice. The flexible design system allows playful scale and hierarchy across brand applications.

“The branding has made such a difference already. We can’t wait to get out there and wear our hoodies and T-shirts with our new branding.”

Alissia Jackson, Charity Manager

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