Brand Growth

Whether a startup or an established name, every brand strives to tap into the abundance of hidden growth potential within its lifetime and each brand has the endless ability to grow. Ignited by a shift in consumer trends or emerging from a recession, there are a plethora of triggers for a business to seek growth.

The process of change

Entering new markets, creating new products or developing new partnerships are all common tactics to achieve growth. They all require something new from the business but given the current volatile climate, it’s harder than ever for brands to successfully plan for the long term.

As a brand grows, they seek to build more positive associations between the brand and the consumer. The stronger the touchpoints become, the more likely that brand will become the one an individual instinctively thinks of and engages with. Brands with robust and well-developed customer journeys continue to elevate their abundance of positive associations and rise in both dominance and salience in consumer minds. However, delivering growth without the correct strategic implementation can result in a negative and sometimes damaging experience for the customer.

Preparing the business for growth

A powerful and consistent brand strategy can ride out economic shocks, market shocks and help avoid creating negative associations in the minds of your consumer.

The visual impact of your brand can help to continuously communicate your brand’s proposition, values and reasons to believe, resulting in a positive response that resonates with your customer.

We work with you to ensure your brand is consistent, scalable and flexible. Ensuring your branding wraps around every aspect of your growth strategy to help create a myriad of rich positive associations with both existing and new customers.

Here at Lyfe Studio, we can help liberate your brand, unleashing its true potential to give you every chance of success in your next phase of growth.

Evaluate Ed

We helped our client The School Bus with the development and launch of Evaluate Ed, a new arm of their existing business identified as a key growth area for the future.


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