Brand Alignment

Brand alignment measures how well your business fulfils its brand promise, driven, in part, by how well your employees understand, communicate and deliver the core messages. Brands can communicate their attributes in many ways and until quite recently this was a much simpler feat with fewer platforms to consider.

Still, your audience expects a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. Brands should come to life consistently across platforms, formats and channels, from large scale TV commercials to in-app messaging, social media and even colour schemes.

The importance of a cohesive brand

Misaligned brands unfold where consumers are confused by unclear and inconsistent messaging or when employees lack a full understanding of your brand story, voice and mission statement. Over time, your brand identity can become diluted and when not given enough attention your brand strategy can become compromised. 

Creating a cohesive experience can help to build trust and ultimately increase revenue by 23%. It’s not just important for your customers either, brand strength is a key consideration for investors and can help determine how powerful your company is within your respective industry.

Keeping focused

Brand presentation is more than just a logo design and when faced with a future alignment challenge, we can help you implement a robust and overarching approach that is consistent with your brand strategy and resonates with your customers. 

Our brand alignment solutions ensure consistency across customer experiences and other brand touchpoints that incorporate brand identity and positioning such as acquisitions, channel support and rebranding.

By delving into the core of your business, we can take our learnings to help audit and reorganise your portfolio, review your long term branding strategy and reset your culture alignment.


With several different service offerings, TheSchoolBus brand had grown over time but had become inconsistent and lacked alignment. We worked with TheSchoolBus to realign their service offering, messaging and visual identity.


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