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One of the most important factors in any entrepreneurial project is branding. From your brand name to brand values and online presence there are many fundamental building blocks required to precisely align your offering against your branding and confidently cut through the many competitors. 

Why brand launches go wrong

Around 60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years in the UK alone. From lack of investor interest to insignificant market need. Many new businesses find themselves out-competed and many others simply run out of funds. 

One of the biggest areas startups trip up is failing to get customers or investors to listen or care about its offering.

Breaking through the noise can prove near-impossible, particularly in overcrowded markets. And to be loud enough, you need a strong and consistent brand with clear messaging to set you apart, something many new businesses overlook at the beginning.

Having a successful brand launch

A succinct and individualised brand launch strategy will unleash your well-rounded brand on the market, ready to create an emotional connection with the audience. It might just be the difference between a struggling start-up and a challenger brand that has the big boys sweating.

At Lyfe Studio, we can guide you to a defined brand strategy inclusive of everything from position to an in-depth communication strategy that will provide the groundwork for all future decisions. We can help you convey why your audience should listen to your new, unique voice over the infinite choices available.

Roby 1844

We worked with the Holiday Inn City Centre Manchester to develop a concept for a terrace bar and eatery in a prime location in Manchester city centre.


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