Brand Positioning

More often than not – unless you are very lucky – brands compete in crowded marketplaces. Establishing the position of your brand correctly in the hearts and minds of your customers is imperative to successfully stand out.

What is brand positioning?

Brand position is what makes your brand individual, providing clarity on exactly who your customers are, what you offer, your personality and your purpose. It is vital internally and externally, responsible for moulding your reputation and brand image to the right audience. A successful brand positioning enables you to build awareness, communicate value and justify your pricing strategy.

Once your brand positioning is created, it’s important to remain agile. Over time and with growth, things evolve, offerings and audiences change so positioning can become blurred or even lost altogether.

Strong and clear brand positioning can help you find your uniqueness, the lane within which you can lead and break through the noise to speak directly to the customers you want to attract. A robust positioning strategy will future proof your business, withstanding any market and business shocks.

Creating a strong brand positioning strategy

The impression you are making through adverts or website space is building your position in the marketplace through the minds of the consumer. We can help develop and influence a favourable position in the market by ensuring your audience correctly understands who you are and sometimes more importantly, who you are not.

We can evaluate your current situation through research and competitor analysis, identifying your brand’s underlying purpose. We can then utilise those learnings to craft the ideal and unique position and help you to establish that story with your customers. 

The Jackson Foundation

With a recent name change, The Jackson Foundation required a positioning strategy and brand that could appeal to their audience and resonate with their key brand values.


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