Brand Modernisation

Just because you once had it, doesn’t mean you get to keep it. To continue to compete in a modern world, businesses must adapt or quite simply, risk being left behind. This becomes especially true for those brands trying to stand out on social media. 

As the vehicle on which your business communicates to its audience, your brand can become tired, dated and irrelevant in a number of ways. From outdated aesthetics and values to an irrelevant proposition or offering, customers can easily build negative associations with your brand and quickly have their heads turned by a shiny new competitor. 

Modernising your brand

A brand refresh is a tactical manoeuvre to switch up your image and reflect the current marketplace. This reassures your customers that you still know exactly what you’re doing.

Modernising your brand requires less risk than a complete brand overhaul, and subtle changes to your positioning or branding can ensure the integrity of your brand is preserved while enabling you to reach new customers, keep up with the ever-changing landscape and inject your business with new vitality. 

When to modernise your brand

For companies that have been around for a long time, they might find the brand has become disjointed and doesn’t communicate the way it used to because the world around them has changed.

If you are going through a period of growth, it’s always a good idea to reassess your branding and ensure it remains relevant.

Why is it necessary to modernise your brand?

Many companies, including some of the most successful and well-established names, have rebranded at some point. The world is constantly progressing, there are new innovations regularly and consumer demand is continuously evolving. 

The best time to modernise your brand is before it becomes a rescue mission. Having foresight demonstrates confidence and sets your business out as a progressive leader in your sector.

Our brand modernisation process helps long-established organisations to strategically review their brand, designed to glance at the past, assess the present and sensitively repurpose the brand for the future.

For those struggling to modernise, we can help with the research process, understanding the intricacies of your business, including comprehensive competitor analysis.

The next step in the process can be a really exciting time for a brand, the visual identity update. This highly rewarding stage can see different levels of transformation, depending on your requirements.

We can help you decide just how far your revitalisation needs to go and eventually how to communicate your newly modernised brand to all stakeholders.

Beautiful of Wilmslow

BOW’s identity had become outdated and didn’t truly reflect its positioning and values. We modernised their brand and developed a new identity with a cleaner and more contemporary feel.


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