Naming, branding & roll out for a neighbourhood all-day eatery

Hare & Kin, a longstanding all-day eatery in Didsbury, Manchester, underwent a strategic repositioning to better reflect its high-quality menu and contemporary offerings.

In collaboration with the management team, we developed a new brand identity, including the name “Hare & Kin.” Inspired by the familial bond between the father-son ownership, the visual identity incorporates a heartwarming brand mark featuring a family of rabbits.

A sophisticated colour palette of green, brown, and cream complements the playful yet distinctive typographic style. This cohesive approach effectively captures Hare & Kin’s culinary perspective, creating a brand identity that resonates with its target clientele.

“The branding has made such a difference already. We can’t wait to get out there and wear our hoodies and T-shirts with our new branding.”

Alissia Jackson, Charity Manager

Branding and Design Agency