Creating a visual identity for a forward-thinking software company

InTeck are a software development compnay who specialise in creating bespoke software solutions for a variety of clients across multiple sectors from industrial through to the energy sector.

InTeck came to Lyfe with concerns their visual identity didn’t reflect their capabilities and output along with consistency issues across multiple channels. We proposed a complete rebrand from the ground up, working with the InTeck team, we devised a brand strategy focusing on InTeck’s core values and focusing in on what makes InTeck special in their field.

Technology Company Logo Design
Technology Company Logo Design
InTeck Software Company Branding

Inspired by technical ability

The InTeck brand needed to give the company a contemporary and professional persona reflecting the experience and high level of technical ability of the team at InTeck.

The logotype contains a mixture of hand-drawn and san serif letterforms which aims to add personality and a human touch to the brand. The hand-drawn element is combined with a contemporary sans serif which has been modified to contain nods to code and development.

The logo also appears in a shortened version as ‘in’, a brandmark which can be used on collateral when the brand is known. Space Grotesk is used as the primary typeface throughout and adds a nod to development through its monospaced styling. Hand drawn headline text underlines continue a human touch across collateral.

A palette of complimentary blues sit with a secondary palette of yellow and blush red for contrast.

Technology Company Branding
Technology Company Branding

“Craig and the team perfectly understood the brief and executed it in a way that filled me with confidence. Often holding my hand through the process and I am delighted with the outcome.”

Steve Julian, Operations Manager, Holiday Inn Manchester City Centere

Designing a more client centric website 

The original InTeck website felt cluttered and hard to navigate with a confusing user journey. We restructured the website architecture along with restructureing all page content to create more concise and clearer page structures.

We also created a series of service-based icons and illustrations which run across the site and add colour and dynamism to more corporate information.

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