Branding for a Digital Marketing Agency specialising in the Agricultural industry

Hillsgreen, a digital marketing agency based in Cheshire, specialises in serving clients within the agricultural industry.

In order to better reflect their values, stand out in a crowded market, and position themselves as disruptors within their industry, they required a rebrand. This work aimed to create a refreshed visual identity and messaging strategy that would better resonate with their target audience and establish Hillsgreen as a leader in agricultural marketing.

Through the rebranding, Hillsgreen sought to communicate their unique perspective and expertise to clients seeking innovative solutions for their agricultural businesses.

Hillsgreen Logo

Taking direct inspiration from their sector we depict Hillsgreen as having the birds eye view on agriculture.

As Hillsgreen is owned and run by a farming family it was important to convey the understanding they have for their own sector.

With the ambitious strapline of “Making Agriculture Click” they clearly define tehir intentions for every client.

Hillsgreen Branding

Marketing to Farmers

We designed a full communication style for the annual Marketing to Farmers Report. This a study of how farmers feel about the prevalence of the digital world and how it relates back in to the progress of the agricultural sector.

Food Packaging

“The branding has made such a difference already. We can’t wait to get out there and wear our hoodies and T-shirts with our new branding.”

Alissia Jackson, Charity Manager

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