A brand is much more than a logo

A brand is a collection of considered assets and rules, which combine to deliver a consistent experience.

A good brand will deliver an experience that is not only consistent but engaging and relevant. Not only visual, it can be multi-sensory. So smell, touch and sound can all be the mark of brand.

Think of a brand as being more human. It has the ability to evoke differing emotions depending on the message, all within the boundaries of its defined personality.

Covid19 has changed a lot in the world of branding, and there’s never been a more important time to humanise your brand, give it a face, real personality.

These bizarre and challenging times of remote working and social distancing have left our nation craving and seeking what ever human interaction they can. Iy is within human nature to be voyeuristic and curious about other people. How they sound, what they look like and whetehr they’re serious or playful. 

There is a huge opportunity for small businesses to gain market share and build a loyal and engaged audiences through personal and sincere content that puts your face, the human, at the forefront allowing for the human connection that everyone is craving to be the driving  force of your brand and achieving one thing that the mega brands can’t. They’ll have to use big budget celebrities.

People buy from people, they always have! So whilst ‘people’ are off the menu you need to do what you can to make a personal connection that builds the same trust and brand loyalty as being sat in front of them.

Your content doesn’t need to be overly polished or ‘produced’ it just needs to be REAL!

So no more hiding behind a logo. Let’s see all of your lovely faces and make a connection.

You Are The Brand!

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