Branding and packaging design for an up and coming local distillery

Karen is the owner, distiller and face of Jones Gin. The existing brand she had did not resonate with her or truly capture her personality, the quality of the Gin and overall aims for the brand.

We provided initial brand strategy and positioning, a bold and colourful brand identity and developed the tone of voice and visual language to help the brand develop and grow. We produced elements for the brand including packaging design for the full Gin range, full brand stationery, sales tools including brochure and mailers alongside the design and development of a full e-commerce website.

Creating an engaging brand

After our initial brand strategy we came to the conclusion the brand needed realigning to suit Karen’s persona, style and energy. We created a brand that was fun, exciting and bursted with energy suited to Karen’s personality and the nature of the Gin itself. Utilising bold typography and a vivid and bold colour palette.

Gin Bottle Label Design

We created a series of illustrative backgrounds, each inspired by the core botanicals in each of the gin. Our aim was to create a stand-out solution for the label to cut through the bloated gin market and create ultimate shelf prominence with bold typography and the bright, vivid illustrations. We created a flexible design system which allowed range growth with the addition of new flavours.

E-commerce website

Once we had finalised the branding and bottle design we developed a e-commerce website aligned to the Jones brand vision. We built the website to engage consumers, showcase the range of Gins and drive sales.

The website was built using WordPress and allowed management of products, orders and shipping to easily be handled by the client with minimal learning and a simple handover.

“Craig and the team perfectly understood the brief and executed it in a way that filled me with confidence. Often holding my hand through the process and I am delighted with the outcome.”

Karen Murray, Jones Distillery

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