Marketing tools and commerce website for a luxury supplement brand

HEBE Life produce a range of luxury supplements which combine high quality ingredients with years of scientific research to bring a combination of nature and technology. As a start up they require brand activation including assets such as marketing tools and an E-Commerce website which they could run across all worldwide markets with simplicity and ease.

Supplement branding and brochure design

Start-up marketing tools

We developed a series of marketing brochures for each of the supplement products, each branded according to the supplement. Each brochure contains a wealth of information highlighting the key medical benefits for each of the products along with bespoke product photography art directed by Lyfe Studio.

Engaging photography and video content

We commissioned and art directed product photography for the initial launch of supplements, Core ASX and SE85. Putting the product front and centre, imagery was created to be used throughout their marketing tools and their E-Commerce website. We also collated and edited a lifestyle focussed video for use on their website homepage. Concentrating on an aspirational and affluent demographic we focussed the video to reflect the brand and the luxury lifestyle of the clients.

A global e-commerce Website

We designed and built an E-Commerce website with a focus on optimising the user experience, creating brand and product awareness and developing an platform the client can manage inhouse.

Supplement branding in Cheshire
WooCommerce website design

We implemented a variety of both front end and back end functionality into the website.

A major function of the website was to allow transactions from around the world. We implemented Geolocation functionality where the website displayed the relevant currency and pricing model for that country without the user having to intervene and manually select their location focusing on a seamless user experience wherever the user is globally situated.

Key functionality included an affiliate marketing system allowing HEBE Life to set up a global affiliate marketing network which can be monitored, managed and controlled through the website.

Supplement branding and brochure design
Supplement branding and brochure design

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